Christian Strasser, President of ACA 2018-2020


The new ACA board of Directors is chaired by Christian Strasser, CEO of Lalux. With a master's degree in economics, Christian Strasser began his professional career at the BIL in 1994. He went through various departments of the bank including the financial markets, the network of agencies, human resources and private banking and took over the personal banking in 2005. He joined the BIL Management Committee in 2010 where he was in charge of human resources and in 2012, he took over the responsibility of the network of agencies, Direct banking and Marketing. He joined Lalux insurance company in July 2015 as a member of the management. In January 2016 he was appointed general manager of Lalux Assurances and Lalux life assurances and became chair of the boards of directors of DKV Luxembourg and Lalux Re.