Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association

Founded in 1956, ACA is the professional association of Luxembourg insurers and reinsurers. ACA has 141 members, including 86 insurers and reinsurers, of either local or foreign origins.



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The Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association's (ACA) missions

Promote & advocate

ACA defends the interests of Luxembourg insurance and reinsurance companies at national and international level. ACA represents the insurance and reinsurance sector to the public authorities. Her organization aims to develop with the members common positions and to promote the sector to the general public and abroad.

Communication & information

ACA communicates for the entire sector and informs their members and the general public. ACA is a forum for consultation and analysis of financial, technical or legal issues. Within this framework, it defines standards and provides templates to standardise practices in the sector. She studies, examines and follows the issues affecting the sector. She does a job of monitoring and information of her members.


ACA collects and disseminates the statistics of her member companies.

Social dialogue

ACA represents the insurance and reinsurance employers established in Luxembourg. As such, she negotiates the collective agreement with the social partners.


ACA offers an extra-judicial platform in partnership with the ULC (Luxembourg Union of Consumers) to solve disputes involving insurance companies and their clients 


ACA supports the companies in their training obligations. She is a partner of the House of Training in order to define and to propose an offer corresponding to the needs of their members.


  • 01 December 2020

    ACA Insurance Day 2020

    Discover in pictures the ACA Insurance Days 2020, the annual meeting of the insurance world in Luxembourg in a new, totally digital format. The ACA Insurance Days 2020 is a series of four 2-hour livestreams and replay sessions held in November 2020, with more than 1,000 registrants, to discuss the future of the insurance industry.

  • 21 November 2019

    ACA Insurance Day 2019

    Discover in pictures the ACA Insurance Day 2019, the annual meeting of the Luxembourg insurance world. An afternoon of conferences to discover the latest news on Luxembourg insurance in 2019, both locally and abroad, and listen to renowned personalities give their point of view.

  • 10 December 2018

    Véhicules autonomes

    Le 10/12/2018, l'ACA a organisé, avec l'étude Schiltz & Schiltz et l'Université du Luxembourg, le 1er procès fictif rel. à un accident de la circulation impliquant un véhicule automne au Luxembourg. 18 étudiants en Master 2 ont eu 4 mois pour préparer les plaidoiries.