Who are we


ACA is a professional association within the Luxembourg financial sector. As such, it is an integral part of an ecosystem that goes far beyond the borders of Luxembourg.

Marc HENGEN Managing Director

About ACA

Founded in 1956, ACA is the professional association of Luxembourg insurers and reinsurers. The association represents and defends the interests of the sector.

We are a member of :

ACA History

  • 1956

    Founding of ACA by :

    • Le Foyer
    • La Luxembourgeoise
    • The « Syndicat des compagnies d’assurances étrangères »
  • 1967

    Signature of the 1st Insurance Collective Bargaining Agreement for the insurance industry.

  • Beginning of the 90ies

    1993 : 3rd Life Directive establishing the system of Freedom to Provide Services. ACA has about 60 members and in 1994 created the Single Market Committee, which later become the International Life Committee.

    In 1995, ACA and ULC introduced an ombudsman service for insurers’ customers.


  • 2000

    ACA is a founding member of PROFIL, the Federation of Financial Sector Professionals.

    ACA is one of the founding members of UEL – Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises -, the umbrella organization of Luxembourg employers

  • 2010

    ACA opens its membership to consulting professionals and lawyers with an associate member status.

  • 2011

    ACA moves into the House of Finance, alongside the ABBL, ALFI and Luxembourg for Finance to strengthen the links of the financial sector.

  • 2016

    1st woman President of ACA

  • 2022

    ACA serves 146 members.

    In February 2022, the ABBL and the ACA signed a partnership agreement strengthening the collaboration between the two associations. This new partnership materializes in particular by the fact that the joint public affairs representation office of the ABBL and ALFI will henceforth also defend the interests of Luxembourg insurers from the Brussels office.

Our missions

The main mission of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (ACA):

CSR Engagement

ACA integrates a socially responsible business strategy into its missions. Our CSR strategy allows us to develop our knowledge and improve our work processes. The CSR strategy creates value for our members, and our corporate strategy creates value for our stakeholders.

  • 2007

    Creation of INDR, with ACA as a founding member

    Logo INDR

  • 2011

    Moving to the House of Finance

  • 2014

    Signature of the agreement “SuperDrecksKëscht”

  • 2018

    Creation of an internal ACA CSR committee

  • 2019

  • 2022
    • Adherence to the National Pact “Business and Human Rights
    • ESR re-labeling: For the 2nd year, ACA has received the “Socially Responsible Enterprise” label

Statutes of the association


Other services of ACA

Luxembourg Green Card Bureau and Motor Guarantee Fund 

The Luxembourg Green Card Bureau and Motor Guarantee Fund bring together all Motor Civil Liability insurers that are authorised to operate in this sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

The Luxembourg Bureau manages claims arising in Luxembourg involving vehicles registered abroad and provides  compensatation for personal injury and material damage in accordance with Luxembourg law. 

The mission of the Motor Guarantee Fund is to compensate personal injury and material damage caused in Luxembourg by a vehicle that is uninsured, unidentified (personal injury only) or, for which, the Motor Civil Liability insurer has become insolvent. It bears the cost of compensation of victims if, within a period of 3 months from the date of presentation of a claim, the insurer concerned has not presented a reasoned response to the cited elements. The Motor Guarantee Fund shall compensate an injured person who is resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and has been the victim of an accident abroad caused by an uninsured vehicle, as well as so-called «vulnerable» victims. 

Insurance Ombudsman

Since 1995, ACA and ULC (Luxembourg Union of Consumers) have offered a joint mediation service as an out-of-court alternative for insurance disputes and to avoid, as far as possible, lengthy and costly procedures. 

The Ombudsman has as mission to process applications for out-of-court settlement of insurance litigation between Luxembourg-based insurance companies and consumers residing in Luxembourg or in another State of the European Union. The mediator’s opinions, proposed solutions or agreements are non-binding on the parties concerned. 

Negotiation of the Collective Labour Agreement 

ACA has been negotiating the Collective Bargaining Agreement applicable to the insurance sector since 1967. This Collective Bargaining Agreement is concluded between the trade unions (ALEBA, LCGB, and OGBL) and ACA, usually for a 3 year period. The legislation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg makes the Collective Bargaining Agreement a general obligation for the entire market (including companies that are not members of ACA).