Our missions


Promotion and defence

 Promoting and advocating for the insurance industry entails:

  • Developing common positions reflecting the views of the industry taking into account the diversity of ACA’s members
  • Defending the interests of Luxembourg insurance and reinsurance companies at national and international level
  • Representing the industry to  public authorities
  • Promoting the Luxembourg insurance and reinsurance sector

Communication and information

ACA identifies, monitors and analyses issues relevant to the industry on all subjects excluding pricing and topics affecting business strategy. The aim of ACA is to find ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­the common denominator among its members, in their diversity, in order to defend their interests with the authorities. 

To this end, ACA works in the form of working groups which bring together experts from members involved in the theme. These working groups are a forum for exchanging  practices and experiences and make it possible to cross-reference information and discuss different points of view.

ACA is a forum for consultation and analysis of financial, technical or legal issues. Within this framework, it defines standards and provides templates to standardise practices in the sector. 

As part of its communication mandate, ACA promotes Luxembourg life insurance in the various markets covered by its members under the freedom of services. ACA participates yearly in several missions organised by Luxembourg for Finance (the agency for the promotion of the Luxembourg financial centre) in the presence of the Minister of Finance. ACA also organises a twice  yearly  promotional trip to a European capital city with several companies, in order to support their relationships with their foreign partners. 


ACA collects quarterly figures relating to the collection of premiums by its members. 

This information is compiled in the form of statistics which are then sent, in a detailed document, to ACA members. 

Social Dialogue

Representation of employers of insurance and reinsurance companies established in Luxembourg

ACA is a member of the UEL (Union of Luxembourg Enterprises) and PROFIL (Federation of professionals of the Luxembourg financial sector ). As such, ACA is active on these two platforms so the voice of the insurance industry is heard in the financial sector. 

ACA also represents the employers of insurance and reinsurance companies established in Luxembourg in front of the regulator i.e. the Commissariat aux Assurances and the Luxembourg authorities. 

Every 3 years, ACA negotiates the collective agreement applicable to the entire insurance sector with the unions. The collective agreement governs the relations and general conditions of work between the insurance companies established in Luxembourg and their employees working permanently in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with the exception of the senior executives (so-called “out-of-convention”) and apprentices. 

The collective agreement currently in force has been concluded for 3 years.

Insurance claim litigation and arbitration in Luxembourg

Since 1995, ACA (Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association) and the ULC (Luxembourg Union of Consumers) have offered a joint mediation service as an out-of-court alternative for insurance disputes and to avoid, as far as possible, lengthy and costly procedures. 

The mediator deals with requests for the out-of-court settlement of insurance disputes between consumers (whether or not they are resident in Luxembourg) and life and non-life companies that are ACA members. The mediator’s opinions, proposed solutions or amicable agreements are non- binding on the parties concerned. 

Insurance agent courses, FOS training in luxembourg

ACA is a partner of the House of Training, an approved body offering continuing professional development training. 

The House of Training came into being with the 2015 merger of continuing professional development training bodies LSC and IFBL – formerly units of the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Luxembourg Banks and Bankers (ABBL) respectively. The House of Training trains thousands of participants in a huge range of subject areas. 

The House of Training offers courses specifically designed for the insurance industry and developed in collaboration with ACA. 

Via the House of training, employees of insurance companies or people wishing to join the sector can access several certifying training courses such as:

  • Integration training for employees of insurance companies 
  • Training for candidate insurance agents
  • FOS training for employees of insurance companies 
  • AML training for employees of insurance companies 

The various courses are presented on the website www.houseoftraining.lu. 

For more information on the various training courses available in insurance, please contact customer service:

Some courses are offered without a date because they are organised on demand.