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Association life is above all a human adventure. At ACA, you will have the opportunity to meet people who are ready to welcome you, help you and accompany you. Whatever your profile, as an effective member or associate; in the field of insurance or reinsurance; dealing with life or non-life activities; locally or internationally.

Marc Lauer – ACA Chairman

Why become a member?

Whether your company has a handful of employees or several hundred, whether your business model is widespread in the marketplace or totally unique, there’s a place for you within ACA.

As a member, you are entitled to expect support from ACA and have your opinion heard. ACA is a unique forum for exchange with insurance and reinsurance stakeholders in Luxembourg.

ACA allows company executives and their employees to exchange information on :

  • Best practices in insurance;
  • Day-to-day problems;
  • Topics chosen by the participants.

ACA offers two forms of membership depending on the company’s activities:

Become an effective member

Insurance and reinsurance companies based in Luxembourg can become effective members of ACA.

Applications for membership are submitted in writing to the Chairman and admission is decided by the ACA Board of Directors.

With your application, you will need to submit a number of standard corporate documents to

  • a copy of the CAA’s approval of the legal representative
  • a copy of the CAA’s approval of the company
  • a copy of the company’s articles of incorporation

Become an associate member

Other companies, such as law firms, consultants or other professionals involved in the insurance sector and who have common interests, excluding distributors, are involved in activities as associate members.

To become an associate member of ACA, please complete the membership form below and send it to