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A new BTS dedicated to the financial industry

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Since its inception, one of the ACA’s primary missions has been to promote and support education within the insurance industry.

In order to continue to support, develop and adapt training within the insurance sector, the ACA participated in the creation of the new BTS Finance and Financial Products launched by the Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion (ECG) in 2022.

This new BTS (brevet de technicien supérieur) was developed in collaboration with the main players in the Luxembourg financial market. The training program is based on 3 main pillars: banking products, insurance products and investment funds.

The section dedicated to insurance alone represents 136 hours of classes. Other subjects, transversal to the financial sector, are also taught: 1 course dedicated to Fintech and sustainable finance, 1 course dedicated to compliance, 1 course dedicated to the software used by the players in the financial sector (with a specific insurance module). All of this, of course, with a common core of courses in economics, law, English, taxation, financial mathematics, digital communication, etc.

Taking this course gives you the chance to become a future talent in the financial sector and to tick all the boxes for insurance company recruiters.

This training will enable students to develop the general and professional skills required to assume responsibilities in a company in the financial sector in Luxembourg. Thus, the theoretical concepts taught and the practical approach of the courses are placed in a Luxembourg economic and legal context.

Since the BTS is a professional training program, the ECG has set up 18-week internships to promote the candidates’ autonomy and allow them to acquire their first professional experience. Students conclude their training by completing and presenting an individual project based on their specialty (banking, insurance or investment funds).

Thanks to ECG’s collaboration with the insurance industry, the BTS benefits from an additional asset by allowing graduates to benefit from the insurance agent license by applying for the CAA equivalence.

Benefits of BPF training at ECG

Guidance personnalisée

  • Smaller classes
  • Tutoring

Professionalizing nature

  • 18 week internship
  • Practical projects
  • Conferences and company visits