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Addressing environmental, social and governance issues

The ESR “Socially Responsible Company” label was awarded by the INDR (National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility) in 2019.

This label values ACA’s contribution to sustainable development in two ways: as a professional association and employer, but also for the entire insurance industry it represents.

Supporting the development of sustainable insurance and reinsurance

ACA, a non-profit, independent and neutral association, has as its main mission to promote, in the interest of its members, the Luxembourg insurance and reinsurance sector at both national and European level. It is also a platform for exchange and information between its members and it contributes to the social dialogue, promotes the place of insurance in the academic world and training, and acts as a mediator between clients and insurers.

ACA integrates a socially responsible business strategy into its missions. Our CSR strategy allows us to develop our knowledge and improve our work processes. The CSR strategy creates value for our members, and our corporate strategy creates value for our stakeholders.

ACA is committed to actively supporting an environment conducive to the sustainable development of the insurance and reinsurance sectors. This work is done in close collaboration with our members and public authorities.

Adopt a responsible behaviour in its strategy and work processes

Governance pillar

ACA is committed to a Luxembourg insurance and reinsurance sector that complies with international standards and current regulations. We propose new regulatory frameworks and strive to improve the quality of legislation.

In terms of transparency, we publish an Annual Report every year, including our key figures, our membership list, our impacts and our main activities and results. Transparency is included in all other levels of communication to the general public or to our members (www.aca.lu, Newsletter, CEO Letter, ACA Voices Podcasts, LinkedIn, Twitter).

ACA supports events related to microinsurance developed in Luxembourg or abroad.

ACA respects human rights and has participated in the Luxembourg National Action Plan for the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In this context, ACA has adhered to the National Business and Human Rights Pact, elaborated with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which it will sign in July 2023.

ACA has defined two essential values within its organization: respect/tolerance of the individual and professionalism. These values are reflected in the actions and decisions taken on a daily basis.

Social pillar

In order to improve the well-being of its staff, ACA has set up in 2018 a Well-Being Committee, which has led to the creation of 10 working groups and numerous decisions taken with a view to improving listening to each other and collegiality. Today, the Staff meeting and the Organization Committee follow up on all topics related to well-being and work-life balance. In addition, a 30-minute digital meeting is organized twice a week with all staff (Morning Call).

ACA actively encourages the development of employees’ skills and offers training.

Off-site events are organized to further strengthen the team spirit.

Fulfilling a social and public utility role, a body called “Insurance Mediator” has been set up by ACA and the ULC (Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs) to find out-of-court solutions to insurance disputes between insurance companies established in Luxembourg and consumers residing in Luxembourg or in another European Union country.

Environment pillar

For the environmental pillar and in order to reduce negative environmental impacts, we have eliminated “printed” information material.

In addition, we ensure that we only print what is absolutely necessary, and we print on both sides of the paper by default.

ACA ensures that food, supplies and computer equipment are chosen according to responsible criteria.

We encourage recycling to the greatest extent possible, and therefore the separation of waste and the use of recycled paper and other materials.

In the context of its events, ACA ensures that service providers respect similar CSR commitments.

Close cooperation with the Ministries of Finance and Environment

ACA is actively participating in the Climate Finance Taskforce, created in April 2015, to implement a climate finance strategy for Luxembourg. The defined strategy is implemented by the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative (LSFI). ACA is part of its Operational Committee.

A “2 Degrees Investing Initiative” (2dii) has been carried out twice with each Luxembourg insurer (assessment of coal related assets) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Finance and the Think Tank 2 Degrees Investing Initiative.

ACA is also part of the Platform for Climate Action and Energy Transition created jointly by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning.

The cooperation with the Luxembourg government thus contributes to the promotion of sustainable development.

Close cooperation with other organizations

ACA cooperates with other organizations in the field of CSR, through collaboration agreements or participation in bodies or working groups.

This is notably the case with LuxFLAG for the elaboration of the label “Luxembourg Sustainable Insurance Product”, the INDR and the Chamber of Commerce.

ACA, an association at the service of its stakeholders

ACA meets the expectations of its stakeholders.

We involve them as much as possible in our activities and share our knowledge in return.

We are conscious of the impact on the environment and aware of the CO2 impact of our travel.

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