Insurance Ombudsman

The introduction of a request for mediation implies a certain formalism.


To make your application easier to support, your file must include:

- The application form duly completed with your identity, your contact details as well as those of the concerned insurance company and a summary of the dispute;
- The exchanges of corresondance with the insurance company relating to the dispute;
- The copies of the contrat(s) concerned by your dispute;
- All the documents you deem useful for the study of your file.


In your interest, please send copies of the documents and keep the originals.

Apply for mediation

Please download the application form below and complete it in order to send it back by email () or by postal service to :

c/o Médiateur en Assurance
B.P. 448

T. +352 44 21 44 -1

The European commission makes available to European consumers a website which lists the various dispute settlement bodies: consulter le site.

You can use it to make a complaint about goods or services you have purchased over the Internet and find a neutral third party ("dispute settlement agency") that will deal with the litigation.