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ACA Insurance Days 2022– Replay

Since 2013, ACA Insurance Days has become “the highlight of the year for the (re)insurance industry in Luxembourg”. Over the years, the audience has grown and we are now delighted to welcome more than 1,000 professionals from the financial sector to exchange on hot topics, which are diverse in nature, allowing us to promote the expertise of insurers.

These last 3 years have allowed us to redesign the event to broaden the audience through our online conference session. This year, the event celebrates its 10th edition: 10 editions of exchanges to ensure a better world!

On November 22, the ACA Insurance Days 2022 webinar took place. It was a fast-paced, 1.5 hour discussion with industry experts. The event started with a panel, the Expert Talk entitled:  “The future of crossborder insurance: bright or at stake? Luxembourg, a case study”. This was followed by an interview, the In discussion with, which addressed the subject of climate challenges.

Today we offer you to discover the replay of this webinar:

Find this webinar in podcast format:

ACA Insurance Days 2022 is also “The Question Box”:

Comfortably seated in the ACA View, with a screen as their only counterpart, various personalities who make up the insurance community answer the questions put to them. An offbeat and friendly interview that doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows you to discover the sector from a new angle!

A video with different guests is released each week in November. To make sure you don’t miss anything about ACA news and to be notified when other videos are released: Subscribe to our Linkedin page by clicking here

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Expert Talk : The future of crossborder insurance: bright or at stake? Luxembourg, a case study

One of the goals of the European Union is to establish a single market within its borders. In this context, the freedom to provide services and the freedom of establishment offers consumers a greater variety of products at more accessible prices. Due to the proximity to its neighbouring countries, Luxembourg is a pioneer in the free provision of services – and (re)insurance is one of its flagship initiatives – where most of the services developed and offered are aimed at European consumers. The historical links to international finance and the nature of its activities represents the DNA of Luxembourg; the overwhelming majority of life insurance premium collection, and most non-life and reinsurance activities carried out by Luxembourg-based companies are outside its borders. Given the current trend towards nationalist behaviours and an increasing tendency towards protectionism observed in most countries, it is crucial that Luxembourg takes a stand in favour of a European regulatory framework that takes into account the international and cross-border nature of financial services. Today more than ever, a harmonised approach at EU level is a key element for a successful industry, for a competitive and integrated insurance market.

In Discussion With : (Re)insurance in the face of climate challenges

The climatic challenges that our societies will have to face can no longer be ignored! The climate emergency is unfortunately a reality. Heat waves, fires, floods… The summer of 2022 has not spared us anything and the climate crisis is affecting more and more individuals, companies and communities, in Europe as in the rest of the world. The latest reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), show that the disruption is intensifying in all regions, at unprecedented levels. Climate change is now one of the greatest risks facing our society and the global economy. What challenges will insurers and reinsurers face in responding to this climate emergency? What solutions are being considered? These questions will be part of our discussion with Ivo Hux, General Manager at Swiss RE in Luxembourg.