ACA is mainly structured around and managed by the following bodies : 


  • the Chairman, the Co-chairs and the Board of Directors;
  • the Bureau;
  • the Managing Director;
  • the Executive Committee.


ACA's staff members ultimately implement the decisions of the Board of Directors.

Statutory commissions and Working groups

ACA's work is organised around 4 statutory commissions:


  • Local Market Commission (CML)
  • International Life Commission (CIV)
  • International Non-Life Commission (CINV)
  • Reinsurance Commission (CR)

As a general rule, working groups report to one of the 4 statutory commissions.

However, some working groups - usually ones which are active on cross cutting issues - report directly to the Board of Directors or to the Management Committee.

Operating rules

ACA is governed by a set of rules which the members commit to comply with when they join. These rules are embedded in the following documents:


  • The Statutes
  • The Internal Regulation
  • The Code of Ethics
  • The Quality Charter for Life insurance (for companies active on this branch)