Public liability car insurance, Automobile Guarantee Fund

The Luxembourg Bureau


The Luxembourg Bureau (BL) comprises all the Civil automobile (RC Auto) Insurers authorised to operate this branch in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


The BL manages claims arising in Luxembourg involving vehicles registered abroad and proceeds to compensate for personal injury and material damage in accordance with Luxembourg law.

The Motor Guarantee Fund

The Motor Guarantee Fund (FGA) comprises all the insurers authorised to operate in the RC Auto Branch in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


The mission of the FGA is to compensate personal injury and material damage caused in Luxembourg by a vehicle that is uninsured, unidentified (personal injury only) or for which the Motor Civil Liability insurer has become insolvent. It bears the cost of compensation of victims if, within a period of 3 months from the date of presentation of a claim, the insurer concerned has not presented a reasoned response to the cited elements. The FGA shall compensate an injured person who is resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and has been the victim of an accident abroad caused by an uninsured vehicle, as well as so-called «vulnerable» victims.